Marketing Ideas

There are lots of ways that you can spread the word and get people buying the planner via your affiliate links and earning you lots of ££s, here’s a few examples for you:

Write about them in your blog

Why not write a review of the planner – even record a video of you saying why you love it and how you use it.

You can write blogs about planning, project management, goal setting and anything else that fits and enables you to add a cheeky “if you’d like to get on top of your to do lists then this planner is for you” and your link at the end of it.

Share on social media

Social media is a great way of spreading the word about the Ultimate Diary Planner. In fact it’s how I got the whole thing started. Feel free to use any of the images from this folder to promote the planner on your networks.

Click here to access promotional images

Some social networks that work well and links to connect with BK are:

  • Twitter:     @No1BrandKitchen
  • Facebook     /thebrandkitchen
  • Instagram     /sophiejewry
  • Pinterest     /No1BrandKitchen
  • Google+     /BrandKitchen
  • LinkedIn    /sophiejewry
  • YouTube    /sophiejewry

Click here to get some pre-written posts you can share without having to think about what to write 🙂

Be sure to include one of the following hashtags:

  • #brandkitchen
  • #ultimateplanner

Send out in your newsletters

Whether you send out a printed or digital newsletter, including a small write-up and a web link to the planner page is a great way of getting people to take action. Be sure to include a photo if you can and tell them how much you love it and why they should act now and buy one.

Pop banner images on your websites and emails

Use some of the banners from this folder and make sure that you’re using your affiliate link so that when people click on them it opens up the page and you get all the credit.

Basically, just share the links EVERYWHERE 🙂