How It Works

BK-Affiliate-NettyPolly-2BWhen you become a Brand Kitchenette you are a referral partner and can earn commissions on Brand Kitchen products that are bought through unique web links that you can access from your very own ‘Referral Partner Centre’.

Commissions vary between some products and for the Ultimate Diary Planner and Minerva ‘M’ Planning Notebook they are as follows:

  • Printed Planner Sale: earn 16% commission
  • Digital Sale: 35% commission 

If someone becomes an affiliate that has bought via one of your links then you also earn an extra commissions too.

You also get access to links to promote other Brand Kitchen products, including:

  • Be The Queen Of Your Brand Online Workshop
  • Ideal Client Online Workshop
  • Ultimate Brand Online Course
  • and more…

For most of these online products you earn 5% to 40% commissions.

I have created a number of things to help make earning commissions as easy as possible for you and you can find more details at: