Hi, I’m Sophie Jewry, the woman behind the Ultimate Diary Planner. Here’s a little insight into the adventure of creating the planner through to where we are today. I started my business back in 2002, from the garage at my mum’s house. I’d moved home a few months previously with my tail well and truly between my legs and a

I started my business back in 2002, from the garage at my mum’s house. I’d moved home a few months previously with my tail well and truly between my legs and a 9 month old baby girl in my arms. At just 19 years old you could say I was more than a little lost. I started out making handmade greeting cards and wedding stationery and after a year or so tentatively began my own graphic design business, which is still going today. Since then I’ve done quite a lot, including online directories, town guides. I’ve launched and sold 2 other businesses, won a couple of business awards and grown my branding business.

In 2014 I couldn’t find just the right one for me on the market; they were either not quite the layout I wanted or they were plain old boring to look at! So I did one for myself and asked around to see if anyone else wanted one. Over 100 people did. So I thought I’d better do a 2nd one for 2016, which I did. I learned a lot from the first, which I applied in the 2nd edition. I sold 850 of those; things were moving faster than I had anticipated – this was only meant to be a diary for me!?

Taking on board all the feedback from the previous 2 years we added in dividers, plastic covers and made some improvements inside for 2017. That edition also saw increased numbers to 2,000 planners, which meant changing printers and processes.

This happened yet again for the 2018 planners as we shifted up a gear to get 5,600 Ultimate Diary Planners out into the world, helping people create happy moments and amazing lives and businesses.

Every year has been a big learning curve as we’re always seeing how we can improve the planners and help more people. We have BIG dreams for the future and look forward to creating it with you and our amazing Ladies That Plan clan ­čÖé

Happy planning!

Love, Sophie

Ladies That Plan Clan

You are not alone! We have a wonderful, growing community of ‘LadiesThatPlan’ and you’re welcome to be part of it.

We have a dedicated Facebook group online for Diary Planner, Minerva and other LadiesThatPlan customers. It’s a space for us all to get together and chat about our (sometimes slightly crazy) stationery obsessions, business, life stuff and of course the planners themselves. We share what we’re doing and I’m in there most days to answer questions and give advice.

We have monthly free webinars on all sorts of subjects from goal setting to automation, mindset to sales funnels and everything in between. There are weekly tasks/activities designed to help get us more organised (in life and work) that you can join in if you want to. Plus a growing network of amazing like-minded women who want to connect, feel supported and create friendships alongside growing their businesses.

When you buy your planner you’ll get the link to join our friendly Facebook group and I look forward to seeing you in there!